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We Build Scalable, Customer-centric
Robust Software and Apps

IT, Web, Software Apps,
Cloud Solution & Consulting
At Getford, we are passionate and enthusiastic
about using Tech to proffer solutions
to some of the worlds leading problems.
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Exclusive Company For Technology Solutions

  • We are tech-savy and solution-driven.
  • We are conversant with any latest tech trends and we evolve with it.
  • We believe that there is no problem or challenge to big for tech to solve.
  • We improvise and we are even ready to challenge the status-quo.

What We Do

The following are the services we offer

Web Development

Building minimalistic and advanced web applications is one of our primary core vision.

Mobile Development

Going mobile will help your business streamline operations, bring value to the demanding modern customers...

Digital Marketing

We are experts when it comes to promoting and influencing your services or products and brand

Cloud Services

Our Cloud Services Solutions brings you the best, scalable and dependable cloud-based Enterprise Resource...

Graphics Design

We provide a visual communication through minimalistic and modern designs for your brands

UI / UX Design

Want to build your product with a team that establishes a clear design process, meets deadlines, and delivers a spot-on end result? 

How We Work

The following are the process we take when you choose us to develop your solution.


Once a customer starts discussing his requirements, the team gets into it, towards the preliminary requirement analysis...

Specification building

Preliminary specifications are drawn up by covering up each and every element of the requirement, eg. layout, modular structure, App structure etc.. 

Graphics design

After building the specification, work begins on the design and prototype of the user interface and experience of the project.  


It is time for our programmers to turn the design into a more vividly functional solution. While the mocks are being designed, our programmers will recommend their technical knowledge to the designers so as to enhance the flexibility of the project and avoid further malfunctioned elements. The prototype will be sent to our clients in specified phases for preview and comments if any.


The Project will go through intensive testing, applications will always function as a multi-user system, which means a group of activities will be designated for investigating and examining progress of the given project to provide stakeholders with information about actual levels of performance and quality of the project.


Further updates and their corresponding quotes will be discussed and processed upon agreement.


Happy Clients


Projects Done


Positive Reviews

IT Consultant Services

We provide consulting services for clients who intend to build or begin a start-up. We have the blueprint and IT technique to guarantee your innovation choices that meet your business needs.

Our Strength is Cross Boundary & Teamwork

We collaborate and partner with reputable individuals and organizations to leverage ideas for maximum benefits and optimal results. At Getford we have a collective, interdependent and experienced team with shared objective to accomplish any project in the best and proficient manner.

Brainstorming, Researching, Planning and Strategizing


  • Brainstorming & Researching
    We are problem solvers and critical thinkers. We use this set of skills to gather list of ideas or problems then we investigate and scrutinize them bit by bit. 
  • Planning & Strategizing
    We analyze the ideas/problems, we also establish the goals and we sought out the best methodologies to attain the goals implement the ideas and get the result done. 

Our Partners

How May We Help You!

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